What is #GuilderFi

What Makes #GuilderFi Unique?

Compound Interest

#GuilderFi uses a compound interest formula combined with algorithmic logic to sustain a high fixed Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 111,888%. The more compounding periods there are, the more the interest will grow.

In GuilderFi’s case, each compounding period, or epoch, is programmed to last exactly 12 minutes. During the first 12 months, token holders will receive interest at a fixed interest rate of 0.016% every 12 minutes or 1.9419% daily.

Buy-Back Price (BBP)

The Buy-Back Price (BBP) indicates the token’s intrinsic value, fully backed by the Protocol via its reserves. The protocol uses the LRF mechanism to maintain the Token Backed Price at 100% once reached in a fully decentralized manner.

Rewards Backed by the Liquidity Relief Fund (LRF)

The LRF is a special treasury fund which derives its income from a portion of the fees generated by token swaps. If the token price falls below the BBP, the LRF will deploy its capital reserves to perform token buy backs on the open market to restore its intrinsic value. This process is totally decentralized and thus cannot be tampered with.


A first for the DeFi industry, #SafeExit was designed as a self-regulation policy or risk management tool, which allows users to exit the protocol at a pre-determined price. As part of Operation #SafeExit, rather than waiting for the token price to recover, users may decide to redeem their $N1 position at a 6.25% premium equivalent to the $AVAX value of tokens purchased during the pre-sale. A dedicated #SafeExit fund, operated as a smart contract, will accumulate sufficient reserves to meet the obligation of returning user funds without any loss on initial capital. The #SafeExit fund will transfer its reserves to the main Treasury as tokens purchased during the pre-sale are sold by users and no longer required by the fund.

Liquidity Locked for a Minimum 5 Years — RugProof

60% of the funds raised from the pre launch will go directly into creating a liquidity pool on TraderJoe to open trading for the $AVAX/$N1token pair. The entirety of this liquidity will be locked for 5 years and subject to review every 12 months from Year 6 onwards, determining whether liquidity will be added or removed, as per the annual community vote.

Multiple Revenue Streams

The Guilder Network will include its own NFT marketplace for the trading of #SafeExit NFTs, GuilderDex to control token emissions, and the GuilderBank for the issuance of bonds at a discount. These protocols will generate additional revenue to sustain rewards to $N1 token holders.

Join the #GuilderFi Community and enjoy a new DeFi experience.

Learn, Earn & Thrive — With GuilderFi

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👨‍🌾 Max-Auto Compounding on the Binance Smart Chain💸 10 Year Fixed APY Schedule 🤗 6.25% Risk Premium* 🛑 #SafeExit Protection* 💸 Fair Launch July 5