The most Rewarding NFT Yet.

2 min readJul 10, 2022


Legendary 100 BNB #SafeExit NFT

If you’re here to make money and also for the 3D art. Then at least you want to have a look at GuilderFi’s #SafeExit NFTs.

Fully packed with Rewards and Benefits for members. Generates 1.9% Daily Passive Rewards in N1 Tokens! The utility and governance token of GuilderFi.

A 10 year fixed life protocol featuring its own Dex, NFT Marketplace, Bank, Lotteries & Many More Rewards Incentives to sustain the APY rewards throughout its life cycle.

GuilderFi will reach its end of life at the end of Year 10.

The N1 token will become a truly deflationary token as it reaches its max supply and pays the final reward to token holders.

How to get Started:

Start with 0.5 BNB. This will secure your #SafeExit NFT. Also receive 27 x $N1 Tokens which is the native token of GuilderFi with loads of utility allowing users to generate more yield and rewards.

Next, wait until the NFT reveal to see which rarity type you received before proceeding to purchase more N1 tokens.

#SafeExit NFT Pre Reveal Image

Any BNB used to swap $N1 tokens will be managed by the #SafeExit Fund, a Decentralized treasury responsible for the processing of all #SafeExit claims.

When you mint your #SafeExit NFT, you will receive in random 1 of 5 rarity types which offer different levels of BNB cover.

This is why it’s suggested to way until post-reveal before apeing in to buy more N1 tokens. Because who wouldn’t want 1.9% in Daily Rewards!

What to Expect:

NFT Holders Receive Daily Rewards of 1.9% on N1 Token Balances. Payouts occur every 12 minutes like clockwork!

Generate Passive Income with your #SafeExit NFT with the option of a REFUND if things ever go South……….!

All In a totally decentralized manner which operates without a claims department.

#SafeExit NFTs offer the same consumer protection usually offered when a product or service is deemed to be unsatisfactory. In which case they are usually offered an exchange or refund.

When you own a #SafeExit NFT, you know exactly how much to expect even if you wake up to a portfolio that has gone pair-shaped overnight. The Dashboard will display the exact payout to expect when users seek a Refund on their investment.

By forfeiting the NFT and N1 tokens, #SafeExit holders will receive their initial BNB capital plus a 6.25% risk premium reward on top.

Always DYOR and only invest what you can afford to lose.

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👨‍🌾 Max-Auto Compounding on the Binance Smart Chain💸 10 Year Fixed APY Schedule 🤗 6.25% Risk Premium* 🛑 #SafeExit Protection* 💸 Fair Launch July 5