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The Titanic Sank into the Depths of Humankind, by Pizza Topping Girl

Some Crypto Tokens Have All the Apparent Solidity of the Titanic. But when they hit an iceberg, you know differently.

We have just passed the anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking. Late on the night of April 14, 1912, the luxury liner struck an iceberg while crossing the North Atlantic to New York City. Barely two hours and forty minutes later, early in the morning of the 15th, she sank beneath the waves.

The Titanic didn’t have enough lifeboats to go round nor did the crew have enough time to load them all to capacity. Of the estimated 2,224 people aboard, only 710 souls escaped in lifeboats, while 1,514 perished. Most did not drown, but died from hypothermia in the icy waters.

Similarly, the world of crypto coins is littered with examples of crypto tokens which have sailed into the DeFi world with all the pageantry and pride of any ocean liner flying the White Star Line banner.

At GuilderFi, we believe in lifeboats for all. That’s why our $N1 token has an exclusive #SafeExit protocol, designed to protect your capital in the event of a black swan event. Like striking a financial iceberg.

When you purchase tokens at the Pre-Launch sale (like booking passage ahead of sailing), you will receive an additional 6.25% premium in case you have to use that lifeboat. GuilderFi also rewards Pre-Launch holders with a generous 111,888% APY which makes for a profitable cruise indeed.

Book your passage on the GuilderFi line here:

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GuilderFi. So safe, it’s boring.

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