$N1 Token Trading Fees

Buy & Sell Tax Summary for $N1 Token Trading

Buyer’s Fee

The 13% fee on all buy orders opens access to all existing and upcoming N1 product offerings and voting on governance matters relating to the protocol. Set the slippage to 13% to ensure that your buy order gets filled.

Seller’s Fees

The 18% fee on all sell orders is intentionally designed to prevent wash trading and discourage FOMO selling, whilst encouraging longer holding periods to ensure sufficient gains. Set the slippage to 18% to ensure that your sell order gets filled.

Distribution of Fees

The trading fees generated from token swaps play a crucial role in supporting the overall functionality of the #GuilderFi protocol and are distributed as follows:

  • 5% of Buy Orders and 7% of Sell Orders
  • Automated Liquidity Engine
  • 5% of Buy Orders and 6% of Sell Orders
  • Treasury
  • 3% of Buy Orders and 4% of Sell Orders
  • #SafeExit Fund
  • 1% of Sell Orders Only



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