Crypto’s First Auto-Staking Token & NFT Combination Which Rewards & Protects Users

3 min readJul 7, 2022


Crypto’s First Auto-Staking Token & NFT Combination Which Rewards & Protects Users. What’s more?

  • 1.9% Daily Rewards During Year 1
  • Fastest Reward Payouts to Wallets Every 12 minutes! 120 times per day!
  • All Rewards are Automatically Re-Staked and remain in user wallets offering a truly automated and gasless way to earn lucrative rewards.
  • Automated Token Buy-Backs & Sells to maintain 100% backed liquidity
  • Refundable Investment. In an industry first with #SafeExit NFTs, in the event your portfolio experiences a drawdown and you wish to exit your holdings, simply return your NFT and N1 tokens in exchange for your initial BNB invested plus a 6.25% risk-premium via the Safe Exit Fund in a fully automated and decentralized manner.

e.g. John buys an NFT for 0.5 BNB and also receives 27 N1 Tokens. If John’s portfolio is worth less than what he started with 3 months later, he may choose to redeem back his 0.5 BNB and will receive a total 0.53125 BNB in exchange for his NFT and N1 token holders.

Users may also purchase the N1 token without the NFT, however this leaves users exposed to potential capital losses.

#SafeExit NFTs can be traded on the secondary market and come in 5 Rarity Types, each offering a maximum level of protection from 1 to 100 BNB.

Only a limited number available on a First-Come First-Serve basis.

Fair Launch Event is NOW LIVE! Limited NFTs available!

Official Link To Fair Launch:

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Learn, Earn & Thrive with GuilderFi!

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👨‍🌾 Max-Auto Compounding on the Binance Smart Chain💸 10 Year Fixed APY Schedule 🤗 6.25% Risk Premium* 🛑 #SafeExit Protection* 💸 Fair Launch July 5