GuilderFi Token Fair Launch Event (NOW LIVE)

2 min readJun 8, 2022


Join the latest evolution in DeFi, with Rebase 2.0.

All Presale participants who purchase a minimum of 0.5 BNB will be eligible to mint for free, 1 of 1,050 #SafeExit NFTs, distributed in random.

Any NFTs not snapped-up during the Presale will be gradually released on the secondary market. This ensures the scarcity remains intact.

What Makes GuilderFi Unique?

No Team Member Tokens — The founders and team members will be participating in the presale along with the general public.

60% Locked Liquidity For 5 Years— 60% of the presale proceeds will be added as LP tokens and locked for a minimum 5 Years and decided by the DAO from Year 6 onwards.

Automated Token Buy Back & Burns — Trust-less and decentralized. GuilderFi’s Liquidity Relief Fund will automatically buy and sell $N1 tokens to maintain a fully backed token price.

Multiple Revenue Streams — In addition to the buy and sell taxes when $N1 is traded, GuilderFi has an extensive roadmap to develop additional protocols to support the ongoing APY schedule.

#SafeExit Capital Protection — #SafeExit is an industry first circuit breaker which offers a 6.25% risk premium in addition the principal amount invested.

🔥 Aggressive Token Burning Schedule — 32.14% of the token supply will be permanently removed from circulation including any rebase rewards received by the marketing and legal reserves.

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👨‍🌾 Max-Auto Compounding on the Binance Smart Chain💸 10 Year Fixed APY Schedule 🤗 6.25% Risk Premium* 🛑 #SafeExit Protection* 💸 Fair Launch July 5