#GuilderFi is a DeFi protocol making it simple for users to earn high yields through the introduction of Staking 2.0. The project started as an experiment to conceptualize a fully decentralized rewards system using smart contracts. It exploits the compound interest formula to generate a high interest yield, whilst applying the game theory paradox of the prisoner's dilemma, to manifest a set of behavioural outcomes associated with a group of rational individuals acting in their own self-interest.

Key Features

* Enjoy The Benefits of Staking 2.0 with Hyper-Auto Compounding

* Earn Interest every 12 minutes, 120 daily, 43,800 yearly!

* First Year Fixed APY of 111,888%

* Staking Insurance with #SafeExit NFT(Pre Sale Token Holders Only)

* Liquidity Locked for a Minimum of 5 Years (Rug-Proof)

* Weekly 2.5% Token Burning Event (10 Year Schedule)

* No Front-Running or Sniper-Bots (Auto-Blacklist)

* Doxxed Team, KYC & Audit 🟢 (In Progress)

* Token Fair Launch Event Now Live: https://app.guilderfi.io/#/app/presale

Learn, Earn & Thrive. With GuilderFi

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👨‍🌾 Max-Auto Compounding on the Binance Smart Chain💸 10 Year Fixed APY Schedule 🤗 6.25% Risk Premium* 🛑 #SafeExit Protection* 💸 Fair Launch July 5